Tom is not only a go-to interview for analysis of climate and weather topics, but also a well-respected speaker and presenter of meteorological data for technical, professional and lay audiences alike.

Mapping Urban Heat Islands at TEDxYouth@PHUHS, Oct. 2020

Climate Scientists are Fighting Back – The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann, March 2015


More than Scientists, March 2015


One Great Idea with Tom Di Liberto – GreenBiz Forum, March 2014

The Wild Weather of the Future – Climate Desk & ThirstDC, Aug. 2013

America’s Scientist Idol – American Association for the Advancement of Science, Feb. 2013

However, he took his profile to the next level in 2013, when he was named the inaugural ‘America’s Scientist Idol’ by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.  This competition focused on rising scientists who could easily and clearly communicate advanced technical concepts to laypeople with little background in their field. Check him out here, at the 32 minute, 30 second mark: